If students are more than 10 minutes late for class, they may be asked to sit and observe. Latecomers can be a distraction to the other dancers and proper warm-up is important to prevent injury. If there is a scheduling conflict getting to class from school, please notify the Director.

No gum, candy, food, or beverages (other than water) are allowed in the classroom. There will be limited permission to leave class to get water.

Dancers Should use the restroom before class.

There will be no hanging, playing, sitting or climbing on either the wall barres or center barres

Students are not allowed to sit on the floor or lean on the barres during class.

There will be no touching the mirriors, as they are difficult to clean.

The only jewelry permittied to be worn in the classroom is small earrings.

All cell phone must be turned off during class.

Dancers need to ask permission before using the stereo equipment.

Students will not talk during class and will raise their hands to be called on.